Access the Elearning Lessons


  • The course contains lessons and the lessons include pages. Pages may contain audio and video files. The lessons will be gradually accessible to you.
  • Click on the "Lessons" menu to start the course.
  • You can also access a previously visited lesson by clicking the "Lessons" tab. You will notice that some lessons are not yet accessible, but according to your progress they will get activated.
  • When you have accessed the page of a lesson you can always navigate to the next or previous page:
  • Use this arrow to navigate to the next lesson or on the mobile swipe left.
  • Use this arrow to navigate to the previous lesson or on the mobile swipe right.

Downloading the Content


The content of the lessons of the course you have already accessed can be downloaded. There are four types of download:

  • Print - PDF files with the content of the course.
  • Audio - Click on the MP3 files with the content of each lesson.
  • Video - MP4 files with the content of the videos available on specific lessons

Click on the "Download" tab to access directly the PDF files download page. Optionally you can move the mouse over the "Download" tab and click on the first entry of the drop-down menu which is displayed after this. Using this drop-down menu you can also access the audio, video and artwork pages.

On each download page the downloads are grouped by lesson on the left page. On the right page you will see a link to download the whole content (e.g. all audio files) which will only be available when you finish the whole course.